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What you can expect from us?

A profesional service, one that is easy to communicate to and feel you are being looked after from start to finish.

All our Gas Safe Engineers have a minimum requirement before joining us.

>5 years

At least 5 years experience

All our engineers have more than that, but thats our minimum requirement.

Installed more than 200 boilers

Thats what we specialise in, so a minimum of 200 boilers is what we ask.

Must have £2m insurance

All Gas Safe engineers should have this £2m public liability insurance, it's a must!

Boiler Replacement

This is what we specialise in. If your boiler is causing you issues and you need to replace it quickly and efficiently.

You can’t wait weeks for a company to contemplate all the options and eventually send you a quote – you’re happy with where it is, but the old boiler needs to go.

We Can Help!

Our award winning Gas Safe engineers will have that old costly boiler swopped for a new one in a day. No need to be without heating or hot water for any longer than necessary. Spread the cost if you want and get back to a warm house in the morning and a hot bath in the evening.

Boiler and System Conversions

If you have an old system boiler causing you problems then perhaps a conversion to a combi boiler may be the solution for you.

Do you want to gain that space in the airing cupboard, having trouble with tanks in the loft?

Not all houses and systems work best with a combi!

Our award winning Gas Safe Engineers with all their experience know their way around a heating system.
Let them call round and advise you on whats best for your family and situation.

Boiler Controls

With old boiler can sit old controls. New boilers are much more efficient so shouldn’t your heating controls be the same?

We’re not all 9-5 so having more control over when your heating is on could save you money.

Take control of your heating

  • Nest
  • Hive
  • Tado
  • Netatmo
  • Honeywell

With so many brands to chose from, find out which is best for you.